Kadri Mahmoud - Producer

Kadri has worked on international projects in the UK, USA, South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. Training as an editor, Kadri went to work in Cape Town on SABC’s crime television series The Final Verdict, fuelling his passion towards the construction of narrative. In pursuit of developing his Production skills, he moved into music video and branded content in London, working as Head of Production at the creative production company COMPULSORY, and his first feature film in 2013. His continued camera and wildlife Production work across Southern Africa, including Botswana and Tanzania encouraged documentary filmmaking to take priority before he began working with Joshua Baker researching the Palestinian conflict. 

After months of development together as well as producing shorts and music videos under their newly founded company, Nine Six Productions, the two have formed a strong and efficient professional relationship.

Amy Basil - Producer 

Amy is currently serving as a producer at the distribution platform MUBI in London. Her work focuses on partnerships and building relationships with talent and institutions alike, across all types of media: old, new, offline and on. She is evangelical about new distribution models, curation and good storytelling in whatever form. Previously she was a long time development and financing executive who packaged international film and investment projects. Amy was head of development and partner at Lucky Monkey Pictures where she worked closely with TriBeCa audience award winner CITY ISLAND and focused on international co-productions via associated companies Travesia Productions and Abbout Productions.

Through her partnership with Maria Teresa Arida and LIBELLULE GROUP she worked across various creative sectors including publishing and restaurants.
In addition, Amy programmed the Wassaic Film Festival in New York and blogs occasionally at

Simon Barker - Editor

Simon stands out as one of the industry's top documentary editors. His most recent project PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER was Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary and recently won the British Independent Film Award for Best British Documentary.

As the edit supervisor, Simon lends his hand to ensuring the film maintained the cinematic quality that the beautiful footage demands. "With over 20 years in Film and Television Broadcast, I've been lucky enough to work on a wide variety of programming. From award winning feature documentaries and series with HBO, BBC and Channel 4; to 35mm feature films. Although based in London, I have worked extensively in New York, and more recently in Los Angeles."


Martin McDonald - Editor
Documentary A talented, quick and creative editor with extensive experience of working on numerous TV, independent and commercial film projects. "Due to my skill set enabling me to edit both offline and online, I am ideally suited to pick up a project at its inception and follow it through to the very end, ensuring a dedicated and enthusiastic collaborative partnership."