The seed of The Process began in 2012, when Joshua Baker was researching cases of administrative detention in the West Bank.

Khader Adnan, a local farmer and protestor had just began his 66 day hunger strike. Joshua utilised his network of contacts in country to visit his family and find out more about Palestinian resistance. His research lead him to Nabi Saleh where the Tamimi family are very well known. Here Manal and Bilal Tamimi introduced Josh to their family, including their bright-eyed son Samer Tamimi.

Nabi Saleh struck a cord with Joshua and he began spending more time there, documenting the Friday protests on several trips over 2012 and 2013. The content he was bringing back started to draw attention, prompting a Kickstarter campaign to finance a full feature version of the events there.

Joshua and The Process team raised over £20,000 on the crowd funding platform which allowed the film to fulfil a cinematic objective that not many documentaries pursue, least of all at this budget level.