The Process

The Process is the debut feature documentary by journalist and filmmaker Joshua Baker.

The Process is the human tale of a political story. Three lives, framed by bold cinematic observation and reflective criticism, reveal a new perspective on the ongoing Middle East peace process.

Politicians and diplomats around the globe have been trying to solve the Israeli - Palestinian conflict for well over two decades. The Process looks at life inside the deadlock. The film follows a young Israeli girl, raised in a settlement and now living in Tel Aviv as she travels to the Palestinian West Bank for the first time; a precocious teenage boy living in Ramallah with ambitions of becoming a horse breeder; and a Palestinian mother of 4 as she battles with the reality of the sharp end of the conflict. 

Click above to watch the Rio Cinema Q&A with Joshua Baker at the East End Film Festival

Director: Joshua Baker

Production Company: Nine Six Productions

Producers: Amy Basil and Kadri Mahmoud

Editors: Simon Barker & Martin MacDonald

Audio: Sound Node

Soundtrack: Misha Hering at Holy Mountain Studios